Financial Criteria

  • ​Recurring revenue of $5 to $50 million per year

  • EBITDA of $2 to $10 million

  • Greater than 15% EBITDA margin

  • Predictable cash flows

  • History of profitability and revenue growth (2+ years)

  • Enduring profitability (for 3+ years)

  Management Profile

  • A business owner seeking liquidity​ and a transition of management in an orderly and fair way

  • Experienced middle management planning to remain with the company

  • Strong culture driven by great employees and employee relationships 

  Business Attributes

  • Positioned in growing and fragmented industry

  • Recurring customer base with low customer concentration

  • Potential for organic growth

  • Healthcare, life sciences, business-to-business services, and manufacturing company in the United States