Investments and Criteria

Track Record of Success

Mountain West Healthcare Strategy

In 2018, Sycamore Ridge Capital acquired the largest independent home health and hospice operator in a Mountain West State. Since this beginning, the Company has been able to expand organically and also acquired operations in new geographies. This initial acquisition was a full buy-out of the company, as this exit served as the founders' retirement plan. Sycamore Ridge Principals provide governance oversight and ensure proper management to realize long-term success and sustainability of the business. 

Partnership Approach:

Sycamore Ridge Capital aims to partner with existing Company owners through a majority or minority ownership-stake approach to ensure alignment of long-term goals and success.  

Team Characteristics:

Ambitious and capable operators, to include executives and senior management with the capacity and experience to drive organic and inorganic growth with a long-term outlook.

Business Characteristics:

Enduringly profitable with scalable operations, steady client retention, and recurring services. The platform business would benefit from capital  to realize scalability and growth potential. 

Criteria for Success