What makes us different?

Sycamore Ridge is committed to making a long-term investment in a business where the owner is seeking an eventual transition and middle management desires to remain in place. We will devote all of our effort to realize enduring success. The table below summarizes some of our key differences when comparing us to private equity or strategic buyers.

If you're considering such a transition of your business in the near future, please connect with Sycamore Ridge to determine if we may be a good choice for you. All discussions will be treated with the strictest level of confidence.

Flexible structures and tailored solutions to meet seller's needs

Dependent on the core business strategy; in favor of purchasing corporation

Success of the business is secondary to that of the core business of acquirer

The business will be one of several portfolio companies; limited attention

Full commitment for long-term growth / development of the acquired company


Number of Acquisitions

One acquisition that will require the team's full focus

Multiple and diversified; additional acquisitions become part of a portfolio

Multiple; to become one of many corporate divisions

Sources of Capital

Diverse team of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and investors

Large institutional investors (pension funds, university endowments, etc)

Public and private firms seeking inorganic growth

Value Creation

Through long-term sustainable growth and operational improvements

Maximize returns via financial engineering, cost cutting and strategic oversight

Cost cutting and strategic synergies

Owner Tie-in

Owner can leave after turn-over or stay with decreasing involvement over time

Owner typically actively involved in business and tied-in for 2-3 years

Varies; decided by the purchasing corporation

Deal Terms

Sycamore Ridge is committed to realizing owner objectives 

Complex; seller usually at disadvantage due to financial knowledge asymmetry

In favor of purchasing corporation

Time Horizon

Sycamore Ridge

Private Equity Fund

Strategic Acquirer

Key Differentiators

Long-term; no preset exit deadlines

3-5 years of investment horizon restricted by the life of fund